Greetings from Manchester, United Kingdom.

I am a pharmacist. Been one for many a year.

What I love about being a pharmacist; my ability to contribute to the well being of my patients.

But, I don’t like;

a. That I must be at a certain place to work  at 9am  and cannot leave before 5.15pm

b.  My wages are fixed.

So I have taken steps to create my own economy and  free my self. I am in the race to leave the rat race!

I have  found a way out. Making Money Online and getting paid 24/7. I can choose the hours that I work and NO LIMITS to my income. Loving it!

I want to teach as many people that are smart enough to share my way of thinking  and  debunk a commonly held  myth that it is not possible to make real money online.

I am married with two gorgeous daughters, love cycling, reading, travelling and meeting new people.