“If you DESIRE a life changing income, you must ACQUIRE a life changing education”




What exactly is Digital Altitude ? How does it work? Can I really make money  if I join ? These are questions, I have been asked recently.


I will try and keep this short but it will be well worth your time reading my Digital Altitude review. Read it a few times !


Many people have also asked me; is Digital Altitude a scam? My answer is NO. I will break it down nicely so it makes sense and you can decide if this is  the right fit for you.


What is Digital Altitude and Aspire Business System?

Digital Altitude is an internet marketing coaching and money making (affiliate)  program created by Michael Force that teaches  WHY we should focus on marketing high ticket products on the internet to earn big commissions. This will help us reach our financial goals much FASTER and more efficiently.


This concept is a money spinner because a lot of people are turning to the internet for high quality digital information and education products to enable them learn how to earn extra income from home.


So how will you make money when you join ?

You will have access to very relevant step by step training on how the system works. You become an affiliate and be the one introducing these same products to others using automated methods on the internet. You will be taught how to advertise properly to reach out to people you don’t know. You will be given a personal coach, who will help you develop and when people respond to your adverts, the system and coaches will help close the sale. You can make huge commissions. Sweet right?

Aspire Digital Business system has proven beyond doubt that you are better off making large commissions per sale on the internet. This will give you more money to quickly scale up your business and gain financial freedom quicker. It is that simple.





  1. Digital Altitude Products: Provides detailed training on one of the best business models on the internet.
  2. Digital Altitude Compensation Plan : Helps  you make big fat commissions when you are licensed to resell any of the products. (See range below)
  3. Your Coach will close sales for you ! perfect if you hate selling or convincing others. 


Who is Michael Force? Can we trust him ?

Michael Force created Digital Altitude after over 15 years experience in the internet marketing space. He has earned millions of dollars annually for most of those 15 years  using exact same model. He is an international speaker, trainer and is very well respected in the internet marketing community.


Here is a video of Michael delivering a short talk on  Internet Traffic generation in one of his training sessions. (Grab your note pads quick!)

Applying the information here is worth tens of thousands of dollars to any one doing business on the internet.


You can see that he is clearly qualified to do this! Credibility score 10/10 !


So Michael knows his stuff, as a speaker and coach, he has taught this strategy to tens of thousands over the years and has now decided to create the Aspire Digital Marketing System. Digital Altitude is the parent company. He is now licensing the course to other internet marketers for the very first time.


Personally, I  admire his sincerity; The business name; “Digital Altitude” is a brilliant metaphor; this honestly tells you that you have a mountain (albeit digital) to climb if you want to make big money on the internet and gain financial freedom. NO HYPE, JUST FACTS. But the ASPIRE DIGITAL MARKETING SYSTEM will help you climb this mountain  with STEP BY STEP simple to understand videos  delivered by Michael himself and support from your personal coach.  Michael is passionate about this, keeps it real and wants to see every one succeed with this system.

So I decided to start my climb of the Digital Altitude  & join The Aspire Community

I started with the 14 Day Trial for $1 only a few days ago (was too good to turn down!). Even if you decide not to join after 14 days, just cancel (give notice 48hours before end of 14 days) and you get your dollar back but I can assure you that you will not want to cancel. There is so much value as Michael shares the exact same system that made him a millionaire many times over and shows  how any one can replicate it.


As at the time of writing, I have gone through the first 8 steps in the Digital Altitude ASPIRE System and I was so impressed by the training and Digital Altitude compensation plan that I decided to purchase and license the RISE product ($1,997, BASE included as a bonus) to kick start my Digital Altitude business.  I am now ready to start marketing and making some huge commissions even as I continue my training. I am determined to get to the top of the Digital Altitude. You can start at any level and build up your business. Your choice.


To make commissions when your leads purchase a product, you MUST own that product and it is licensed to you to resell as an affiliate.


Digital Altitude Compensation plan – Aspire Commissions proof.

This just shows ordinary people who are working hard at this (Full income disclaimer at the Digital Altitude website)



Digital Altitude – The Products



1. Aspire Digital Business Sales System (Walker: $37/Mo, Hiker: $67/mo, Climber: $127/mo)

This is the  entry level product and you get step by step training videos in a very easy to understand format.

2. Base Digital Business Mastery Course ($597 One-Time)

Here you will learn how to build the foundation to setup your business goals, building your brand, creating website and manage your finances the right way.

3. Rise Digital Marketing Mastery Course ($1,997 One-Time)

You will learn everything you need in the digital marketing world through this course and for the first time ever some information that has been kept secret by the biggest marketers in the world.

4. Ascend Digital Business Profit Workshop ($9,997 One-Time)

This is where you go to a 3 day workshop event in Las Vegas that will be lead by Michael Force who will feature successful business leaders all over the globe.

5. Peak Business Prosper Retreat ($16,997 One-Time)

You will get a 5 day All-Inclusive retreat for two to learn more with the business leaders, speakers and from Michael Force himself.

6. Apex Digital Business Legacy Experience ($27,997 One-Time)

This is a 7 day all inclusive retreat for 2 in choice locations around the world. Learning Asset Management from the movers and shakers in the internet marketing world.

At all levels, you get a personal coach, merchant and payroll services, networking, live support with live chat support and you get connected with other entrepreneurs in our social media groups.

I promised to to keep this Digital Altitude Review short as I cannot explain everything single detail here. All is explained in the training series when you Download the Free Report & start The 14  day Trial for just $1.


The business model, products and  opportunity to earn a life changing income are real and very valuable in my opinion. The income and earnings are feasible if you follow the training and put them into action.


Just ensure that you have the time to commit to learning. I will suggest 30 – 60 minutes per day to  watch and absorb what is being taught. Just like going back to university.  If focus on this, put in the time and effort,  you will get desired results.


All backed with a $500 guarantee as well.  Full terms and conditions inside the training series.



Download our Free Report & Start The 14 day Trial  for $1  This is enough time to fully go through stages 1-6 and see if this is the right for you. I hope you can see the potential like I did.

It took me just 5 days to make up my mind fully after going through the first 6 steps. I could not wait to pull out my bank card to make payment for the RISE (Digital Mastery Package for $1997).

You can start any level and work your way up. But I am a great believer in investing in myself and my business.


IMPORTANT: If you would like to join my team and benefit from my  extra support, please check the bottom of the $1 trial sign up page  and ensure  it states your referral is “247income“. If not, please clear your browser history and delete cookies. then try again through links in this Digital Altitude review page.


I hope this helps. If you have any questions, leave your comments below or catch me on Facebook.

If you like this post, please share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn using buttons above.  Help spread the love. It may be the big break someone else is looking for. I will hopefully see you at the top of the DIGITAL ALTITUDE.


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Allison, (The 247income Guy)


Digital Altitude – Aspire Digital System: Review

2 thoughts on “Digital Altitude – Aspire Digital System: Review

  • September 21, 2016 at 10:00 PM

    Thank you for posting reasonable info about Aspire! I can’t afford it right now, but will when my website starts making more. Pay it a visit to start the ball rolling! Are you making money, yet, with Aspire?? Can you share how much after how long? Thanks!

    • October 4, 2016 at 6:14 PM

      Hello Bruce,

      Thanks for your comments, I just had to do my best to present the information as clearly as I could. I wish you the best of luck with monetising your website. Yes I am making sales with Aspire. The system sells itself once people get on the $1 Trial because of the sincerity of Michael Force and the quality of the program.

      It is always best to study a program very well and go in because you really want to achieve a specific goal. We may limit ourselves, if we measure a program by how much others are making.

      If you want any more information, please do not hesitate to ask.


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