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If you are marketing or doing business online and you are not building your email list, you are making a costly mistake.

Your email list of subscribers is one of the most valuable assets of any businessman on the internet. It has numerous advantages.

As you may well have experienced, businesses will come and go and will leave many investors out of pocket.

If you depend on social media  or a particular advertising platform say google or bing, a change in policy could wipe off your entire business in a blink of an eye.

The best way to guard against all of these variables is to make building an email list your number one priority.

WHY ? Your email list of subscribers will remain with you as long as you provide them with valuable information and meet their needs. Unlike other pay as you go traffic sources that dries out as soon as your money runs out, you can re market responsibly to your email list over and over again.

Auto responders are an indispensable tool in building your email list as this will enable you to communicate with tens of thousands of subscribers  by a single email blast. It is just like turning on a Traffic Tap whenever you like and sales just floods in.

What autoresponder should you choose? I will recommend Traffic Wave Auto responders as they are very cost effective and newbie friendly.  CLICK HERE FOR A PRICE COMPARISON

Another vital tool you need is a Landing Page/ Lead Capture Page Builder : I USE INSTABUILDER 2.0

TRAFFIC: The fastest way to build your email list is to buy email  solo ads : I use UDIMI SOLO ADS. I love Udimi so much that I have spent nearly $7,000 there alone just buying solo ads! I have a few testimonial videos on my YouTube channel.

I am currently putting together a short course : How To Set Up An Email Marketing Business. Where I will show you how to connect a landing page you created with your auto responder, how to buy email solo ads and start generating leads and building your list immediately. This  will get us into the nitty gritty and you will look over my shoulder as I set every thing up step by step with no step missed.

I will be giving away free copies of this course to the first 200 subscribers only. Once I get to two hundred, my pricing structure will automatically kick in. I am not Father Christmas but I am giving them away so that I can get enough reviews and testimonials to get the ball rolling.

Ever heard marketers talk of push button system to make money online, email marketing is one of them.

Back to my question, is email Marketing dying? NO

Using the email as a marketing tool  will remain a very important means of reaching out to your audience for a long time to come.

With the ever increasing use of smart phones and other devices, people will receive your emails instantly. If they like you and are always hungry to read your emails, you have a money printing machine for life.

If you want to be notified when this course is ready, please leave me a comment below.




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    Hi I would like to be notified when this course is ready,

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      Ok. Sophie I will let you know via email


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