Ethereum  is expecting a major upgrade in early October 2017.

Byzantium is the first of two phases in the ‘Metropolis’ update, set to be followed by ‘Constantinople’ at a later time.

The Metropolis update is due to be deployed in early October 2017.

I  cannot sit here and pretend to know all the technical details. I don’t !

I am getting better at the Cryptocurrency and making money from Cryptocurrency side of things and not the technical blockchain side.

But I can tell you that in my view, the time is right now to pick up some more Ether as I believe the price is going to experience a new high.

No matter you strategy whether you are holding long term or short term trading. You may stand to benefit

As you know Ether is the Cryptocurrency that powers that Ethereum Smart Contract Decentralised blockchain.

Ethereum has the backing of a lot high profile companies. So any major upgrade will only serve to increase the value.

You can buy some Ethereum from COINBASE using your local currency.

or you can exchange your other alt coins for Ethereum at CHANGELLY for the cheapest rates.

IMPORTANT: This is for information purposes only and should not be seen as investment advice.

You are investing your money at your own risk.

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