Marketing is not a one size fits all.

If you are not getting any response to your posts or ads, it is possible you are not talking to the right audience. You are not addressing a specific pain point.

People will buy when your product or service provides solutions to specific problems that they face not just in businesses but with their health, relationships, jobs, homes etc.

So opportunities to make money are created when you find products and services to address those pain points and provide solutions.

When you address these pain points, you are speaking to that market segment directly and they will buy what you have to offer.

So it’s time to look again at your marketing strategy.

A very successful application of this strategy : PROBLEM; How to get rid of poisonous chemicals in our homes.  SOLUTION : A company has built an online shopping club  providing all natural non toxic households cleaning and personal care products. When people are introduced to these products, they buy because the products solves a specific problem for them. With this online shopping club, over 95% go on to remain customers for life because the products are a permanent solution to a big problem that they once had. You get the idea.

See  website below, you will find members of our shopping club that now work from home full time. They have achieved financial freedom. Their job is simply to introduce others to these products. You get commissions when your customers buy month after month. This is called residual income. Think of that for a minute, making monthly commissions from 95% of your customers every month. This is how you build a full time income working from home.

This business model also provides a solution to those who had the problem of finding a genuine work from home business.  The business model has ben proven to work for the last 30 years. Again you get the idea !

I am also a member of this shopping club. I will be happy to show you round.

CLICK HERE >> How To Replace Your Current Income Working From Home by introducing new customers to our shopping club.

(Sorry ! This offer is only available in United StatesCanadaMexico, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, NetherlandsGermany, Austria, Poland, ChinaSingaporeMalaysiaJapan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand)

When your product, service or business model provides a solution to the problems that people face, they will buy from you or join you. It is really that simple.

Do you have any other examples ? Leave me a comment.


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