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Happy Sunday !
Here I have another screen shot of an instant cash withdrawal of $150 from one of my online business. I pay myself when ever I want. Not just me, I know thousands of others doing the same thing.

So, am I trying to impress any one? Capital No !

Do I have to show my earnings from my internet based businesses ? Capital No !

Is it moral, is it ethical to show these earnings publicly on Facebook ? I honestly don’t know those answers?

Am I comfortable with it? Oh Yeah.

One of my very good friends even called me a scammer a few weeks ago. Out of ignorance ? But because you don’t know how my business works does not automatically make it a scam.

Of course, I cut him off, as I don’t need such negativity around me.

So why do I feel compelled do this every now and then?

To let ordinary folk know that this is 2016 and not 1916. There are legitimate opportunitoes to create extra income apart from our regular 9-5pm , that allows most folk to live from hand to mouth and pay check to pay check, month in month out. Most people are perpetually in debt.

QUESTION: How do you break the cycle when all the system does is encourage you to borrow more to pay off your debts?

ANSWER: The internet has made so many things possible. Keep an open mind.

Not sure of how to put this, but you can literarily have your own online cash machine ! Honestly.

Ok. For some lucky ones amongst us, money is not an issue, but for a vast majority, I know it is a real worry, it causes a lot of problems and arguments in the home, so don’t expect me to apologise for talking about money and offering to show you how to make some by the side to help you and your family.

There are opportunities every where, but people are too afraid to even look at them because, they are afraid of everything! they don’t even want to lose $1,  this was not taught at uni and it is not what every one else is doing.

Again, for those brave enough to start, they not just willing to put in the effort required to make their business work.

Anything worthwhile  takes time and effort.
But first you must find the right business and right mentors to guide you through.

I can help. I love what I do. I love being a Home Business Coach

Breaking The Cycle Of Debt

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