How To Make Money With Google Adsense in 5 simple Steps.

STEP 1:  Set up a word press website/blog with blue host.

Get your domain names and webhosting account from Blue Host

Add a social share plug in.

Add posts daily (or fresh content (helpful posts/videos regularly)

You can write helpful posts talking about your business or interests. This will promote your  business as well in an non spammy way.

If you want ideas, look for  free private label rights (PLR) articles and modify them or get articles written here cheaply at

STEP 2: Register for a free Google Adsense account.

Step 3: Add Google  Adsense Ad codes to your website

Once approved, google will  display relevant ads based on your website’s content.

Step 4:  Send traffic by sharing to your social media sites (Read group rules and avoid being spammy)

You can also send traffic by using your website URL as signatures in your outgoing email, social media accounts, forum profiles etc.

Your aim is to get people to your website to read your stuff and even if they don’t like your stuff, they may still click on your ads and you get paid by Google.

STEP 5:  Scale UP

From the money that you make from google sense ads, you save up and begin to re invest into Facebook ads or other paid traffic to get even more traffic and then automate the process (read google adsense paid ads policy to ensure compliance).

TIP: Create a Facebook fan page to run your Facebook ads, use Facebook audience insights tool to build out your audience to ensure you have the best targeting possible.

Never send BOT  on incentivized traffic to your websites with google adsense ads, you may be banned by Google

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