I started my online journey in march 2015 not really knowing what to expect.

It all begin when I met up with a friend on March 1 2015 and he explained to me (after 4 weeks of me trying to avoid him !)
that I could make money with a Traffic Exchange. What I was unaware of at that time was the amount of effort and specific resources, skills I am going to need to succeed as an
internet entrepreneur.

Over the last 2 years, I have committed my self to continued self development and in the process, these are the top six things that I have learnt.

1. THE RIGHT BUSINESS : It is difficult to find a genuine business on the internet, so much noise and scams.
My favourite kind of businesses models are those that pay residual income.
With residual income, your one effort will pay yoy multiple times over ( Read that line over and over again) In other words, you introduce someone to a new product or service just once and
as long as they keep using the product or service,
you get paid for life!  This is why it is important to carefully choose a
real business that has valuable products and services that people will want to use over and over again.

2. MARKETING SYSTEM: When you find a good business, you have to find a decent marketing platform or system. This is a
software program to help you prepare your business for presentation. This will help you produce unique marketing Web pages like, lead capture pages, sales pages and auto responderso for your business.
By doing this , you will be unique and not just copying what every one else is doing.

3. TRAFFIC GENERATION: You are going to master traffic sources that suits your business (This is one of the most important)
because the more people see your business, the more you are likely to acquire new customers and team members (if you are in a network marketing deal)
You can start with free traffic sources, but you must aim to get to a point where you can get paid traffic, these is where your business begins to explode. Ideally you should have a mixture of both.

4. MENTOR/COACH : Think about it, even the best athletes, still have coaches. You need a mentor, who will show you the ropes (If possible, go for a paid coach), this will reduce your learning curve,
acquire this coach based on recommendation from a successful student and not some self proclaimed guru. Be patient and diligent in your search. I have an excellent coach.

5. FOCUS You have to focus to on one business at at time, make it profitable, set it on auto pilot with paid ads and then move to the next venture as you build up multiple residual income streams.

6 NEVER GIVE UP : Be Consistent. As long as you made a good choice in step 1 and work through the other points, be consistent.

To top it off, don’t expect over night success, it is NEVER gonna happen! Don’t be swayed by all the “success” stories  with what may be fake screenshot of money made.  It takes time and hard work, but others have done it. I have done it and so can you.

If you want any more details or want specific examples of business or tools and resources, please leave me a comment.



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