I was speaking to someone the other day. He got in touch with me through one of my YouTube videos.

He says he told me he has been online for 7 years and not made any money.

Good on him for still persisting.

Persistence is a great asset to have but you must persist at doing the right things.

The right way to succeed online is to have  the right system in place.

That system should be set up as follows;

1. Your business  ( does not matter what business as long as it has valuable physical,digital products or services) and a compensation plan that has residual income built in.

2. You need a marketing platform so that the way you find new customers and business partners for your business is unique. This system must be  designed to at least  allow you to collect emails of those interested in your products or business opportunity  for follow up.  This is important because not every one who sees an advert for your products or business will join or buy from you immediately. The fortune is in building relationships and follow up.

3. You have to master one or two sources of traffic ie you must have a way of getting people to see your  business or products. This is called advertising. You must learn how to advertise your business properly to an audience that wants your products or a have need for your business.

4. You need a mentor who has achieved what you are trying to achieve.

Anything short of these is a recipe for failure online.

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Leave me some comments if you want more details on any of the steps above.

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