Finally A Legit Home Based Business

What Makes Iaso Tea Work So Well ?

Removes nasty parasites and toxins.

Powerful natural ingredients gently detoxifies your body. 

See Real People,Real Results,Real Total Life Changes

Here is How  & Why this business will work for you!

You are sharing real physical products that people love

You get paid weekly. Work from home a few hours a day.

Start part time. No monthly affiiate fees.

You only have to place a minimum monthly order of 40 QV ($44.95) of any product that you use & love.

Free website to help with building your business and back office training.

We all know people who would like to loose weight, live a healthier life and I am sure every one would like to make more money.

These are all our potential team members.

People are willing to spend good money to improve their health and well being. You will get a cut!

The Health & Wellness industry is now a global  Trillion dollar industry.

This Is A Perfect Opportunity For...

  • The Unemployed

  • The Underpaid

  • College Students

  • Retirees

  • People who want to be Debt Free


  • People who need more energy & more income
  • People who are struggling financially

  • People who hate their jobs

  • People who are tired of work at home scams

  • People who want to start living their dream lives.

 TLC WILL Make YOU Money ! if you put in the effort required. Its that simple.


So what's the catch ?

This is nothing really new. We are always recommending products and services to other people we know. 99% true that you are not paid for those reccomendations.

With Total Life Changes,  you get paid for referring others to buy products.

Total Life Changes (TLC) is able to share profits with us  because they are not paying for expensive advertising for products and there are no middlemen as the products are not found in super markets or stores instead they rely on people like you and me to recommend the amazing products. 

It is really that simple. TLC has been around for over 15 years and is a debt free company. It is now just becoming popular in North America and this is a ground floor opportunity and a huge one at that for anyone.

There are no limits to how much you can earn see (income disclaimer) below. You get paid weekly as long as you remain an active member. You stay active by having a monthly minimum product autoship of $44.95 (40 product points). Tip; Choose a product type (For example tea or coffee) you use regularly and replace it with a TLC product. 

So what will you do with the extra cash and extra burst of energy?

-Pay off credit cards & other debts; Be debt free ?

-Save for college tution for your children?

-Pay off your mortgage?

-Spend more time with your children?

-Take a long over due family vacation?

-Ultimately gain financial freedom as your residual income builds?

Total Life Changes is the perfect home business because the products are amazing, the compensation plan is very generous, you get paid 50% of your retail sales just by referring others to your very own TLC website that you can promote on social media and via email.

You don't have to carry stock, just refer to your website, customers place orders on your site, TLC handles everything for you. No going around dropping catalogues or collecting payments from customers.

All these from the comfort of your home on your laptop.

Create your own financial freedom. Start today. Don't wait for over hyped results of others.

Hey, I am 

Allison Isibor, A Clinical Pharmacist, (UK),

Proud TLC Independent Business Owner, I will be your TLC sponsor.

You can connect with me on Facebook , Tel: +44 773 841 2929,

Skype Calls ? No Problems, just let me know.


I want to be a TLC Customer Only

Allison, I am not interested in making money now, but I do want to get healthy & feel better. I would like to create my customer account and place an order to try out some of TLC's amazing products.

I understand that as a customer only, I do not qualify to earn 50% commissions even if I choose to share my results.

**When you click on Visit Our Store button below, you will be taken to my personal Total Life Changes website. 

Click on Shop to create your customer account. That way you can keep track of your purchases and return whenever you like.

I want Earn Money With TLC 

Yes Allison, I agree that this is an amazing opportunity! I want to partner with you, get fit and earn some money.

I understand that as an affiliate, I qualify to earn 50% commissions on my referrals and I am ready to place a product order.

Although, the monthly minimum product order requirement to be an affiliate is 40 points, (plus shipping), you should consider jump starting your new TLC business by purchasing one of the multipacks for $300, $500 or $1500 if youcan afford it. By doing so, you will have products to retail to your warm prospects so that they can try out the products right away. This is our very popular "Retail To Recruit" strategy and it works like Magic.

IMPORTANT:  I am looking to build a vibrant sales team with you as an integral leader. Please contact me for step by step intructions. I will go over my vision and success strategy with you. I am happy to do skype call to ensure you are properly set up.

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