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Building an email list is  non negotiable if you want long lasting success as an internet marketer or in any home based business.

I now have 5,222 valued subscribers on my email list as at today 27 January 2016. I have been list building since end of August 2015.

My target is to have 20,000+ subscribers by the end of 2016 ! I will achieve it with Traffic Monsoon.

I will get to how this will be done shortly but first,

Why do you need an email list?

Over 99% of people will not join your online business the first time they see it as they don’t know you from Adam and so they can’t trust you yet with their money. Also what is the chance that they will visit your web site again? so you need a way to keep in touch with them. You use  lead capture pages created with a program like the Power Lead System to collect their emails and use the inbuilt auto responder to follow up. There are other specialists AutoResponder and Email Marketing programs like TrafficWave.

So, they show some interest in your business offer, they opt in to your lead capture page,  provide email information and literarily wait for you to bring it on! By this I mean building a trusting relationship with them over time. This you can do by sending regular emails to them with content like proof of your business progress and any other information that will help them in any business that they are in. Occasionally share your life stories too to connect with them.

They want to be sure that you are not a flash in the pan. Over time, they then begin to join you when they  feel they know you enough, like and trust you. I have woken up on several occasions to find that a subscriber who has been on my list for weeks has suddenly joined Traffic Monsoon or a member who registered a long time ago, suddenly becomes active and starts purchasing Adpacks! Some of them have never even replied to one of my emails !

If you treat your subscribers well and provide them with value, they will be with you for life and will be responsive to any offers that you have for them. They will buy from you over and over again.  Always make it easy for any one to unsubscribe.

I use Traffic Monsoon for list building in 2 ways.

1. Using Traffic Monsoon profits: I use use some of Traffic Monsoon profits, (which I get from hourly revenue share) to pay for targeted traffic (e.g solo ads) at a place like Udimi Solo Ads. I send all the traffic to my lead capture pages. I also use some of my profits to meet expenses like monthly fees for my email marketing systems. So I don’t come out of pocket.

2. Advertising on Traffic Monsoon Traffic exchange using my Adpacks and CashLinks: Traffic Monsoon now have around 4 million registered members. Most of them are already buyers who will buy again if you have an offer that is of value to them.

Each Adpack I buy from Traffic Monsoon gives me 20 clicks to my banner that I use as a front end to advertise a website with my offer. I also get 1000 visitor credits. i.e. 1000 Traffic Monsoon visitors to any website of my choice. Traffic Monsoon has 7 other Traffic packages all designed to send you traffic to your website.

I advertise offers like the Power Lead System and Four Corners Alliance Group on Traffic Monsoon and get a lot leads and sales into these two programs as they are non competing with Traffic Monsoon.

A third strategy : I also get leads via organic traffic to my websites by creating written and video content through my blog and my YouTube Channel. I share these content on social media and other micro blogging sites. I now have others sharing my content to their followers.

So Traffic Monsoon is not just a money game. If you know what you are doing, you can build a fortune for life when you have build a responsive list.

If you want further information on how Traffic Monsoon can help you build your email list, or want to more about tools like auto responders that I use, please let me know.

I hope this information has been of value to you. Please share this post to your followers on social media if you like it and believe others  may benefit from it.

3 Powerful List Building Strategies

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