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Allison here, How is your weekend coming up ?
Mine started off on a high note. I broke the jinx. Got back on my bike after months of being too lazy!
I have just returned from  a 63km (39 mile ) bike ride. It was awesome. I suffered  a bit in the last few kilometres as I ran out of energy! It is all my fault because I did not carry enough food and drink with me. I under estimated how much food I would need for such a ride because I don’t go out riding as much as I should!
Claiming my Saturdays back to my self and doing whatever I want is one of my biggest achievements since I started my online business in 2015. I have completely replaced my Saturday income by following same strategy for the past 367 days. As a pharmacist, I used to do extra shifts in Community Pharmacies on Saturdays in addition to my regular 9 to 5 (Mon to Fri ) in a Hospital ! just to make ends meet. Now no more !
I have achieved that by following the same online business strategy that I have reviewed HERE
I can help you do the same (If even if you are already in my team!). Just reach out to me.
I am here to take away all your fears and guess work. All I ask is that you have an open mind and you are coachable. If you commit to me, I will commit to you.
Now I have my eyes on the big prize which is freeing my self totally from the bondage of working 9am to 5pm.
I enjoy my current day job as a Pharmacist here in Manchester, but don’t like the fact that I must be at work at some place at a specific time and can’t leave before a specific time!  Also my income is kinda fixed ! Do you sometimes feel the same way ?
But with my part time internet marketing efforts, I work the hours that I choose and my income potential is unlimited. So it is  actually a no brainer.
I still don’t understand why many people don’t get it or are afraid to try something new. Do you ?
In a sea of internet scams, you are safe with my online business offers. I have been getting paid non stop every blessed day for past 367 days.
I am working hard at this and making excellent progress. So can you. I will be in your back pocket all the way as I teach you my methods  of how to earn money fast and grow ANY online business.
I can’t wait for the day when I go in to see my manager and tell her that I am quitting. What a day that will be!
Freedom! My online businesses are making this possible.
Any way, enough of me! Have you anything planned for this weekend? Enjoy it.
Till my next email. Take care.
Allison Isibor,
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