Ok, I am not a “guru”, but I am making some decent extra income successfully from home, part time.

In this post, I share my experience with you.

There are 3 important steps to consider before you  start a successful home based business.

A question I get asked over and over again: Is it really possible to make money online working from home ? Answer is a BIG FAT YES !

See a presentation for three programs HERE

You cannot only make extra income, but also possible to progress and build up a full time carreer as an internet marketer if thats your ambition and why not considering the advantages of working from home.

Some benefits are work from the comfort of your home are; Be your own boss, choose the hours you want,  potentially no limit to your income as you are constantly growing. This will take some skill and effort that you can learn. Lots of help available for you to achieve this.

There are  lots of millionaire internet marketers and entrepreneurs as living proof.

Think FaceBook, Google, Yahoo and you get the picture. Nothing stops you from thinking big. Facebook could never have dreamed they would be this huge when they started. Just saying.

So I don’t know who you are and what your circumstances are in life but you may be at that point in your life when you could do with a second or alternative income stream for you and your family. The internet has huge opportunities that you can tap into.

STEP 1. You want to find an online business that works and suits your needs. One that you can fit around your life style. Some can be done part time. Examples are listed below. I am personally involved in all three progress and making money in all four, working only part time.

A. Revenue sharing programs;Traffic Monsoon or My Advertising Pays (Revenue sharing and advertising models)

B. Others that sell their products and services in proven 4×6 matrix models like 4 Corners Alliance  Group.

C.  Promoting a must have tool for internet marketers like Power Lead System as an affiliate.

If you are ready to learn and have an open mind, you can easily create multiple streams of income with some coaching and mentoring.

You may also have been looking for online or offline business opportunities. I want to focus on online  opportunities here. I can confidently assure you that there are genuine opportunities available like the few mentioned above; but which one should you choose, how do you know its going to make you money? how does it work ? Well you can jusk ask me ! I am happy to help.

STEP 2 : Find a mentor who is already involved in the online business of your choice. Join someone you know, like and can trust. Knowing and liking a sponsor or mentor may mean following them for a while, reading their emails, blog posts; that sort of thing.

This is a very important step in joining any online business as you will need a knowledgeable person to guide you. Most people make the mistake of jumping into programs online, commit time and money and then realise they don’t know what next steps to take. They end up getting frustrated and quitting.

After watching a business presentation and you want to join a money making program, contact the person who has advertised the business opportuinity. Ask questions about the program; how it works and importantly if there is training and support  available.

Training for online businesses are really easy these days as companies  use videos to explain how programs work, also lots of free video tutorials on YouTube.

Please DO NOT expect your mentor or sponsor to spoon feed you. Some of them can be very busy people with lots of followers or members in their teams. As a mentor, they may also be busy developing training materials to help you, like this blog post.

This brings me to STEP 3
Take responsiblity for your own learning. The more you understand a program the better the program will work for you. If you cannot commit to this, then there is not much anyone can do to help you. Your mentor can guide and help you. An advantage is that if you learn a program well, you will be able to build your own team of followers and teach them all you know.

It is wise to look for reviews but a quick word of caution with some online reviews. So called “experts are quick to put down legitimate programs as “scams” so that they can promote their “number one reccomendations”. I have seen articles about my businesses that are making me money today, being blasted as scams and “NOT recommended”. Makes me laugh. If you have a potential mentor, check with them, ask for proof, any good mentor will happily share their, proof , progress and results usually in YouTube videos and on their websites, blogs or social media posts.

I have been successfully making money online since March 2015 and having a mentor that I know and trust contributed to my online success.

If you are looking tick off all 3 steps at once, get in touch with me and I can help you get started.

See business presentation for three programs HERE

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How to start a home based business

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