The internet has changed the way we live and work forever. Internet banking, online shopping for clothes, music and booking holidays are just some of the things we all routinely do online now.

The email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets has changed the way we communicate and share things that matter to us with friends and loved ones.

Now Traffic Monsoon and many other such  sites offers any one a chance  to own an online business and earn a decent income.

All information here is based on my knowledge and experience gained since joining Traffic Monsoon in March 2015. I hope you too will gain some valuable insight from reading my blog post.

There is so much to go through and I can’t cover every aspect of Traffic Monsoon in one single blog post. But I will aim to provide you with enough information to answer the question I have raised above in my subject line.

So is Traffic Monsoon a scam or a legitimate online business ? Let’s get down to it.

TrafficMonsoon is a Paid To Click (PTC) site, also known as a traffic exchange.

They are also described as an Advertisement and Revenue Sharing Service.

A limited liability company (LLC) registered in Utah, in the USA. Founded by CEO Charles Scoville. They started operations in October 2014 and now have well over 1.5 million members world wide (as at October 2015).

My Traffic Monsoon Account screen shot (Day 345 results (10 Feb 2016). To see what these figures mean click HERE

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 23.56.23

Advertisement services

Traffic Monsoon sells the most in demand product on the internet today which is internet traffic i.e.. When you pay Traffic Monsoon a certain amount of money, they will send a certain number of visitors to any website of your choice and these visitors are your potential customers of whatever you are selling or offering on your website. Without visitors to your website, there will be hardly any point having a website. There are other ways of getting visitors to your website.

This is a very similar business model to those of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook etc. In case you did not realise, these  internet giants are all advertisement platforms. They offer some form of free service to members, then sell advertising space to businesses, making billions of dollars per year in the process. The difference is that Traffic Monsoon shares a portion of their revenue with its members but Google and Facebook don’t.

Its not just me, see real people on Facebook making money too with Traffic Monsoon

Faiser Khan

Profit Sharing 

There are 4  main ways to make money online with Traffic Monsoon and here lies the business opportunity.

1. Revenue sharing: From sales of advertising services as explained above, Traffic Monsoon shares a portion of its revenue with its members. But to earn from revenue sharing, you must be qualified. Here is how it works;

a. Buy Adpacks and become an active Member

An Adpack ($50) is an advertising package sold by Traffic Monsoon. Gets you 1000 visitors to your website and 20 clicks to a banner that you advertise with Traffic Monsoon.

b. Each Adpack you purchase gives you 1 sharing position within the company. So if you want to earn $50 per day, get 50 Adpacks,  $100 per day, get 100 Adpacks etc.

You can start with any number (quantity) of Adpacks and there is no upper limit).

c. You have to view 10 advertisements of the Traffic Monsoon traffic exchange. (Each ad is only 20 seconds). You also earn visitor credits to use to promote any websites that you want.

d. Each sharing position will earn you $1 per per day until it reaches $55 and then the  AdPack expires. So you earn $5 profit (10%). You get back $55 back into your account.

e. The more active Adpacks you have, the money you will earn as explained in (b) above.

Shannon Ivory

2. Becoming an affiliate

Referring new members to sign up and you earn an instant lifetime 10% commission on all their purchases. (Sponsoring is NOT REQUIRED to earn money as long as you have your active adpacks earning you money as above and cash links below) but you earn more if you can introduce new members.

Guy Archibald

3. Promoting  affiliate offers and other online or offline business opportunities on Traffic Monsoon is a great idea as members are already in one online business or another. They are open minded to new opportunities. Very much unlike your family and friends who are very difficult to recruit! (more of that in another blog post)

With over 1.5mIllion members, there is no shortage of eyeballs to see your offers.

This will send more visitors to your websites with more leads, sales and sign ups.

4. Cash Links

Get paid instantly to view online adverts with cash links on Traffic Monsoon website.

Cash links advertisements that members buy to promote any website on Traffic Monsoon traffic exchange.

Traffic Monsoon gives people incentives to click on these ads by paying 0.2cents, 0.1cents etc depending on the duration of the advert.This set

How much can you expect to make?

Well how long is a piece of string?

From my experience, like any other business opportunity, how much you earn will depend entirely on you and how you want to run your Traffic Monsoon business. Your efforts, time and availability of cash to buy and maintain a good number of active AdPacks.

My conclusion: Traffic Monsoon is a legitimate business that sells real valuable products and services. It also offers a  business opportunity for anyone  looking to create an additional source of income. Traffic Monsoon’s revenue share model has even allowed some people to go full time.

See others making money with Traffic Monsoon, not just me !

Should you join  Traffic Monsoon?

This of course will be your personal choice.

Based on my experience since March 2015, I will recommend it as a legitimate online business opportunity. Why ? Traffic Monsoon sells digital products/services (Internet Traffic) that are in huge demand now and for the foreseeable future. Of course there other issues that need to be considered like how  Traffic Monsoon will be managed and what direction they decide to take in the future. This will also be applicable to any business anyway. Of course, nothing in life is guaranteed but I am very pleased to put my money where my mouth is.

So by joining Traffic Monsoon, you are creating a new online business with a high income generating potential.

A business that you can run from home or just about anywhere. All you need a PC, tablet or smart phone with an internet connection.

In future blogs, I will detail how I am using Traffic Monsoon to build my online business.

Thank you for reading.

If this has been of some value to you, please share with your friends and family who may benefit from this information

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My Traffic Monsoon Review : Scam or Legit opportunity?

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  • December 6, 2015 at 7:55 AM

    Hello Allison,

    As advised by you re my ad packs in TM, I have now almost 42 packs, may be another 10 days , will reach the target of 50 ad packs.

    I am now waiting for instructions as how to move forward as you had mentioned that only after I reach the 50 ad packs, you shall assit.



  • December 30, 2015 at 7:33 AM

    HI Amal, I already sent you an email


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