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In this short post, I will show you why I believe the the internet is awesome.

FACT: People are desperately looking for ways to earn that extra bit of income to support their families but just have no clue what to do or where to start.

Day 464 with Traffic Monsoon ! Boom ! Back to 100 Active adpacks.

464 days ago, I made one of the best decisions ever and joined Traffic Monsoon (TM). Like most normal people with a “workers mentality”, initially I was skeptical and was not even remotely interested!

This is a 100% online advertising service that shares a portion of its revenue with its members.

Briefly, we sell advertising packages (Adpacks) that sends traffic (visitors) to your websites. From sales generated, Traffic Monsoon shares a part of its revenue with over 3 million members who are active. SIMPLE. Though simple, this strategy is creating MULTIPLE six figure income earners !


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464 days later, I am using my profits from TM to build an international online marketing business that now pays me residual income from MULTIPLE sources. I am making new connections with like minded people from all over the world.

I operate this business, PART TIME, from the comfort of my home, on my computer, phone or tablet leveraging the power of the internet.

Earnings Disclaimer: My results are not typical. Earning this much will depend on your ability to follow a strategy that has worked for hundreds of thousands of others. If you want to learn these strategies, be my guest. I will be adding “internet business coach” as another feather to my cap real soon!

To find out more about Traffic Monsoon and what all those figures mean, CLICK HERE

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Traffic Monsoon Day 464 update

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