It’s 5 am in the morning on Saturday 9 January 2016 here in Manchester, England. I had a fairly good night’s sleep but had a few things to get off my chest. My last blog post was in November 2015, not because I have been lazy or lacked ideas but I was concentrating on a building a new sales funnel for one my businesses. This is now 95% complete, still in testing stages but with great results. Now time to get back to some writing.

Here, I write about the true story of a former active duty US marine, Rob Fraser from Ocean side, California, who got him self out a debt of over $102,000 in just 12 months from January 2015 to January 2016. Now I hope that this brave man’s story will inspire you to do something about your debt if you are in a similar situation.

You can make more money to pay off your debt by leveraging the awesome power of the internet.

In my opinion, debt is a economic “canker worm” disease which must be eradicated. It is sad how the current system of things only encourage debt and not enough education is given to economically vulnerable people on how to create lasting wealth.

Rob Fraser’s story is one of a man who turned adversity into triumph by sheer determination and hard work, a man who was knocked down but refused to stay down. Any one can do the same.

I have studied his methods, currently implementing them daily in my online business with great success and  now teaching others to do the same. Luckily, I don’t have the level of debt that he had, but I am using same strategy to build my online business so that hopefully by the end of 2016, I will be able to get off the rat race and work fully from home, have my time to my self 100%. That’s my goal.

I first heard about Rob Fraser late in July of 2015 while I was looking for a solution to a common problem of how to get new referrals into our Traffic Monsoon business. Friends and family just did not get it!

I subscribed to his YouTube channel and soon found that Rob had figured out a way to get active referrals steadily into his businesses. He made it look easy. I started following him on YouTube, watched countless videos (he has over 1,000 videos on 2 YouTube channels), reading his blog posts, attending his webinars to begin to understand the secrets for his success.

Rob Fraser is a great and selfless leader! Unlike most other successful internet marketers, he always laid out exactly what he was doing to succeed in his videos and webinars. A very open guy, he kept absolutely nothing back, always told and showed anyone who cared to watch his videos exactly what he was doing step by step.

So what was he doing so well ? (I will leave a link below this post for the exact programs that we are all marketing online).

Some facts;

1. There are millions of people searching for legitimate opportunities to make real money online.
2. Only a small percentage (5-10%) of people who see your business online will join you as a referral, so you must continue to show as many people as possible non stop. The trick is: never stop advertising your business to the world.

So how do you continuously show your business to thousands of interested people online? The answer is to get traffic; lots of it (eyeballs on your offers); This you can do by advertising. Online Traffic is the secret. This must be expensive ! Yes, but this is where the genius in Rob Fraser became manifest ! He shows us exactly how to pay for lots of Traffic.

He developed the Broke Man’s plan. At the heart of the plan is a strategy that leverages profits from an online revenue share programs (like Traffic Monsoon and/or MyAdvertisingPays)  to continuously scale up and pay for internet traffic. This plan is in 3 stages;

STAGE 1: He joined  Traffic Monsoon in January 2015 with just 2 Adpacks, worked  his way up to 10 Adpacks,  by repurchasing Adpacks from weekly profits and out of pocket.

STAGE 2: 10 to 50 Adpacks:  Join Lead Lightning (Marketing system) and Four Corners Alliance Group. Connects these two Programs to Traffic Monsoon. Uses Lead Lightning to Promote Four Corners on Traffic Monsoon with Advertising credits from Traffic Monsoon Adpacks. This brings in new sign ups and commissions from within Traffic Monsoon.

Buys Traffic Monsoon Massive Traffic Package weekly to promote Four Corners, Lead Lightning and Traffic Monsoon to others outside Traffic Monsoon. This brings in new sign ups and commissions from outside Traffic Monsoon.  Work your way to 50 Adpacks from a mixture of profits from Adpacks and commissions from new sign ups. No more out of pocket expenses. Genius!

STAGE 3: 50 Adpacks  +: Upgrade Lead Lightning to Power Lead System (PLS) Gold Membership. We now have a full blown marketing system. From this stage, you can begin to buy quality outside traffic from places like Udimi solo ads to our sales funnels created with the Power Lead System. This will advertise your business to a more targeted audience of email subscribers in other marketers lists.  As you earn more money from your new referrals buying Adpacks and building their business, you scale up traffic purchases, pay your self a weekly wage and keep growing. Also you share PLS  with your new team members (to help them promote Traffic Monsoon and get new personal  referrals), you get $20 per member for life who signs for Gold membership. Awesome !

This gradually brings in more and more people who are interested as they can see that Traffic Monsoon is a legitimate online business that works. When they become paid members, your earn commissions, a portion of which is used to buy more traffic and the cycle continues. It took some time (less than 12 months !) and some effort but this was exactly what he did to get himself out of a debt of $102,000.

So to recap these are the 3 programs are at the core of the system,

  1. Traffic Monsoon (advertising and revenue share platform- also a source of Traffic)
  2. Four Corners Alliance Group (A stand alone $18 business opportunity)
  3. Power Lead System- A marketing platform

Watch one of my weekly updates HERE of all three systems in action. Same three programs that has given Rob financial freedom. Start your own journey to a better and debt free future. I will be on hand to coach and guide you.


The beauty of Power Lead System and why you want to use it as marketer.

1. Enables you as a marketer to correctly present your business to prospects using professionally designed templates.
2. Collect the email addresses that prospects offer to you, so that you can follow them up.
3. Allows duplication: i.e., allows you to share a high converting marketing system with other members of your team, who are looking to also build their business. Again you get paid commissions when new members take up this marketing system.

By repeating this process over and over again and scaling up traffic purchases, He now had enough commissions coming in and he is now totally debt free.


This post is written to inspire you and show documented proof that in this day and age, you can do something about your debt. I am often very surprised that people appear not to want to pay attention to true stories  like this.  They are either very skeptical and when they eventually join up, some lack focus; always running after the next new shiny, join too many programs, master none of them, make no money, they quit and say it’s all internet “scams”.

You can watch him HERE. I advise that you watch the whole presentation but if you want to hear Rob  telling his own story, you can skip the video to  around the 56 minute mark.

My duty is to share  this with you. what you do with the opportunity is up to you. You can leave comments or questions below.

True story: How Former US Marine Paid Off $102,000 Bad Debt In Just 12 months!

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