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Okay it is not Gold the metal! but it certainly feels like it. It is a recognised status in my primary online business Traffic Monsoon.

You become a Gold Member when you get to and maintian 1000+ Adpacks (or active sharing positions)  and have at least 10 active referrals ( I have 18). I can’t wait to collect my badge at our next leaders meeting. There is a big meeting coming up in  Las Vegas on the 16th and 17th of February 2016 but I will not be able to attend. I will wait for the next one in the UK.

By the way if you are in the Las Vegas area and would like to attend the Traffic Monsoon road event, please let  me know. There are other events planned around the world as well.

So what does 1000 active sharing positions (AdPacks) get you as a member of Traffic Monsoon ?.

Here is how it works. We get paid $1 per AdPack  per day. You do the math. To the glory of God, I am now being paid $1000 per day in earnings every single day.

We get paid to view 10 advertisements per day and you can simply grow your Adpacks from your earnings.

Payments are made every hour, 24 hours a day.

10 active referrals, means 10 people who have  joined my team and have started to purchase active sharing positions or Adpacks to grow their own business.

I have been with our amazing company Traffic Monsoon since March 2015.  So if you have never earned money online or failed at every thing online, then take a hard look at this opportunity. It is by a country mile the best thing that has happened to me online.

So far, I have earned over $200,000 from daily share of company revenue and from my active referrals.

I don’t know what your circumstances are in your life today but if you are  looking for a legitimate online business that will pay you real income with time, then the time now is to register  for free with  Traffic Monsoon.

See a presentation I made in November 2015, when I was earning just $700 per day! Watch it HERE

So you can see the sort of progress I have made between early November 2015 and early January  2016.

Incredible !

I am happy to share my growth strategies with you and mentor you to replicate my success. It is no brain surgery.

We get paid to view advertisements. No technical skills or experience required.

Click  HERE to get started.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

IMPORTANT: PAYZA is for now the preferred payment processor.

If you choose to register, ensure to get in touch before you make purchases and DO NOT USE PAYPAL.

The day I hit Gold!

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